Marianne Moore




 This year's poet, Marianne Moore, is very much a poet's poet, to borrow a phrase often used when discussing her protégée, Elizabeth Bishop.

There is, as yet, no real annotated editions of her poems. The web, however is a real treasure trove, so long as you don't get lost... There are also some useful reference books at UTJJ, but let me first find the time to go and check which ones are useful to you.

As a reminder, here's a list (in alphabetical order of first lines) of the poems selected for the syllabus :

  1. Critics and Connoisseurs
  2. Efforts of Affection
  3. England
  4. In the Days of Prismatic Color
  5. Marriage
  6. Nevertheless
  7. New York
  8. Picking and Choosing
  9. Tell Me, Tell Me
  10. The Mind is an Enchanting Thing
  11. The Pangolin
  12. The Staff of Aesculapius
  13. The Steeple-Jack
  14. The Web One Weaves of Italy
  15. To a Giraffe
  16. Virginia Britannia
  17. When I Buy Pictures

You will find useful resources on Moore and her poetry on the following websites :