Sam Lee

Rio Loco had embraced a Celtic theme this year. Whilst not a desperate fan of bagpipes and the like, I stumbled across a hidden gem who will be performing on Thursday June 16. His name is Sam Lee, he’s British, with a very unusual background : Jewish middle-class North London boy turned survival expert after an arts degree from the Chelsea School of Design and now one-man repository of British and travelers’ folk-songs, he is making a name for himself and putting traditional folk songs back on the map.

It helps that he’s rather dishy and delightful in a self-deprecating way (see his interventions in the video of the tiny desk concert posted on his website, where you can sample his wonderful English accent as an added bonus).

So, should you be unable to join Sam at a secret location to listen to nightingales sing, here’s a taste of his output:

I think it’s well worth listening to, especially considering Hardy’s poetry has been set for next year.

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